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Web Design

There are many reasons, a few of theme following bellow but all this it is about having a good page. On the other hand, having a bad page leading to opposites causing damage to company image that it is not always easy to take it back. This is why design it is a critical step:

- Your first impressions do count
- Gain more trust
- Better search engine ranking and visibility
- Exceptional design gives more revenue
- Allows you to challenge your competitions

- Gives a quick and easy access for clients
- Improve your professional image
- Provide a great online user experience
- Work efficiently

The job of web designer is starting together with the customer, and at the beginning its all about questions for understanding basically 3 things:

     1. Brand
     2. Audience
     3. Content

     Depending on project this can be last from hours to days and after all the questions and research web designer is ready to start design to design the Wire Frames and after your improval continue to Visual Design focusing in 2 often opposite things:

     1. Usability / Accessibility
     2. Visual pleasing

We can insure you that your new web site it would be Quick to understand, Easy to Navigate, Easy to reading, and very Visually pleasing with style to match with the purpose of information


Web Development

The process of development (the Code) is how the engine under the bonnet. Affects the response time, compatibility with browsers, smooth operation, length of continuous operation, the security of confidential data and the ease of upgrading and expanding the page.

     You directly because of how good the code will depend on the maintenance cost of a page after a well-written website requires fewer corrections fewer upgrades.

The process of development (the Code) is directly related (and follows) the design of the page. This leads to eliminate the questions or misconceptions and misunderstandings eventually when start writing code.

     It will not be quick process, enter assure you though that would be correct. We are committed to connect all those pieces of machinery that are your page and make it look and work properly, quickly and efficiently.

     We do not stop until it is completed in a way that fits your expectations.



    SEO is what will define if the web page gets the best place in the search engines results. So SEO is what does the web page known to its audience. It is as important as it sounds.

    SEO services are separated in 2 main section

Onpage SEO:      is the process of ensuring that the search engines understant what your page is about. Ths is done by conducting a survey about the right keywords, analysing your competitors, the URL structure and doing certain changes to the source code of the page.

    Ths optimization helps the search engnes track easier the web page and shoot it up through the rankings on the result page.

Offpage SEO:      is the process of convincing the search engines that other people see your site as useful or relevant. This is attained by checking old links and ensure that are not harmful to your company, monthly creating in other sites new links that point to yours. The search engines use a lot of parameters when ranking a web site but the most important is how popular is a site after all. In this stage we check the old links that created naturaly and confirm that is does not harm the company. Also we create every month new links from other sites point to yours.

    Search engines calculate the rark of every page from many different parameters but the most important is how much popular is a site


Web Advertisement

   Potential visitors to your page can easily be divided into 2 categories:

     1. To those who come for the first time
     2. To those who have come before

   How many will continue coming back is the web page job with the content and appearance to win them again and again.

   How many will come for the first time s almost entirely dependent on the SEO and Advertising. The maximum traffic is achieved with the contribution of both, and the right ratio, minimizes the cost of them.

   We help to make your first steps in online advertising while you learn how to repeat yourself so that you can achieve your goal witch is to get the most traffic at lowest cost.

We provide services such as:      - Online Advertisement Campaign
     - Design and promotion advertising banners
     - Page Design for facebook, twitter, youtube etc
     - Editors Page Design for better performance in search engines
     - Introduction in more than 15 main search engines
     - Optimize finding words through proper content management
     - Targeting words and phrases based on competition
     - Estimated cost scenarios based advertising


Page Optimization

     You already have a web site that disappoints the visitors or does not complete its job right:

     - Takes too long to response
     - It responds false or does not respond at all
     - Consumes a lot of server resources
     - Overloads the network

     - The navigation is difficult to understant
     - The site has long learning curve
     - You are not happy about the way the site works

    Apply changes to the code, database, compress images without quality loss, change design layout, rearrange things, change colors or decoration graphics.

We can ensure you that after our optimization your site will be running better than before and also we can ensure you how much better will be running after we examine your site and calculate all the details.

     As good partners its important for us to share all the technical details with you, so that you know before we start what exactly we do and at what cost we get this specific results.



  The Support is the parts of work round the maintenance and evolution of a page and includes:
     - Learning the operation of your page in your space or via skype
     - Renewal of the database for your account
     - The installation of software updates
     - Adding new functions and capabilities
     - The transfer page on another server
     - The creation and delivery Backup your page